About us

ELEMENT Advocaten specialises in the laws of planning, nature, water, environment, safety and substances. Due to this expertise, our firm is uniquely positioned in the Netherlands. Our clients benefit from the in-depth knowledge we have gained in the many years we have focused on these six core areas. We work for leading (international) companies and for public authorities. This work varies from handling individual matters and projects to being our clients’ external centre of expertise. If the situation requires, we work closely with other specialists, such as ecologists, toxicologists and safety experts.

Why choose ELEMENT Advocaten?
Our core areas of expertise form a part of environmental law and substances law. These areas of law keep changing at a fast pace -both technically and legally. The dynamics are in constant flux. New issues come up all the time, and you need to find the right way to handle them in a legal environment that is never the same. This requires up-to-date knowledge, a great deal of experience and creativity. ELEMENT Advocaten is your partner when it comes to handling strategic legal issues involving planning, nature, water, the environment, safety and substances. Together, we will develop a strategy to attain your goals.

High level, no nonsense
Our approach is clear, committed, solution-driven. In close consultation with you, we work out an approach that you are comfortable with. ELEMENT Advocaten provides custom-made services.

For further information you can contact us. We’ll be pleased to hear from you.